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Isolation blog idea

I think stir crazy is a good description for the state I often find myself in. I work from home and at times, I can find myself going long periods of time inside my home. Although my wife may come or go and occasionally drag me out into society, I sometimes see it as a...CONTINUE READING


I’ve been struggling lately. Don’t worry about me. This struggle has been with me for a long time and I will be fine. I just need a space to express it. To preface this thought, I need to highlight my gratitude. I am very blessed. I have a rewarding career, a large and somewhat functional...CONTINUE READING

Stay busy, always busy.

One of the coping mechanisms I developed thanks to my ADHD and chronic depression was to always stay productive. Growing up, I took on the identity of “a jack of all trades”, and every hobby I came across was so intensely interesting to me. At first I merely thought that these were gifts or maybe...CONTINUE READING

Words for Casey

On January 4th, 2022, My friend Casey Miller left this earth after a long battle with covid pneumonia. I was asked to say a few words. These are the words I wrote down and attempted to share. I met Casey as teenagers in the mid 90s, right between my most goody two-shoes phase of life...CONTINUE READING

Joyous Music Season

I love Christmas music. Every year in Oklahoma some station becomes a Christmas music only station beginning right before Thanksgiving all the way through the new year, and that is what my truck stereo gets set to and stays on for the entire season. It really got me to wondering why I am so completely...CONTINUE READING

Two Wrongs, Too Writes

It’s often said that two wrongs don’t make a right but why is it that we all assume that two rights can not be so. And I’m not talking about a world where there is no truth. I’m referring to the complexity of information and perspective. Maybe the transcendentalists were right. But also, maybe the...CONTINUE READING
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